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AdTiming YITUYISHU Technology Co., Ltd,The world's leading mobile advertising platform based on large data mining,Analysis media,audience,creative large date,Find the best of mobile Ads Timing,Platform business covers more than 200 countries and territories now,Services includes tools,games,electricity providers,travel,online video,Finance,For provide the best mobile marketing solutions for advertisers,For mobile developers supply fast, native, high-income platform

We believe that in the next few years is in large data highlight the value of mobile advertising,with the globalization of the mobile Internet has become more sophisticated,After the user entry and competition in the media is relatively stable,this is to verify a large data mining, analysis, time application ability,Big data makes a huge impact advertising,this includes two aspects,the first point is more reasonable platform of choice,with the gradual increase of social networking,the individual characteristics of the user highlights,Access to big data has been pioneering,this opportunity is also infinite zoom;the second point is more accurate advertising。now data in precise positioning of users can also play a big effect,Because construction ads collection, big data platform, big data, more precisely to the target audience and generates clicks, and other commercial or social impact purchase behavior; expect like-minded partners with us to witness this moment--AdTiming

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