Internal & external network data hybrid

Internal & external network data hybrid

Internal & external network data hybrid computing

Connect to multiple large data clusters, such as Hive, HBase, MongoDB, etc.

Enable hybrid computing across clusters without ETL. Even with stricter requirement for network security and data privacy, internal network data without external memory could be calculated together with external network data.

Less storage, Better performance, More practical

Support ten billion data second level query and statistical analysis using SQL

Unique columnar storage will adopt different compression algorithms according to the data type in each column to save storage

Compatible with other calculating engine, such as Spark engine and Impala

Provide standard SQL syntax, open JDBC / ODBC access, compatible with third-party BI tools

Packaging REST API could directly integrates with HTML5 data visualization open source plug-in

Don't need migration, enjoy the convenience and efficiency of large data

The underlying storage technology of big data interactive analysis platform could automatically synchronize Oracle data to distributed storage, breaking the write performance of traditional Hadoop, Hive, and other products, the data delay can be within one second.

Direct Oracle query and statistical analysis, ten billion data second level calculation.

Data Visualization

Include a variety of excellent data visualization samples, among which HTML5+ responsive framework provides cross-platform, cross-screen support, can be directly connected to the back-end data via a simple configuration, and replace outstanding creativity with your own scene

Beyond the traditional business graphics, this is the first big data application.