Connects to All Data Sources, Discover In-depth Data Value

Internal & external network data hybrid

Internal & external network data hybrid computing

Able to connect to multiple large data clusters, such as Hive, HBase, and MongoDB etc.

Cross group calculation without ETL. Even for network security and data privacy level, the internal network data can be calculated together with external network even without external memory.

Less Storage, Better Performance, More Practical

Support ten-billion level instant searching and statistical analysis.

The specialized in-memory is able to adopt different compression algorithm, which saves more memory.

Compatibility to other computing engines such as Spark and Impala Provide standard SQL grammar, open access to JDBC/ODBC, compatible to third-party BI tolls.

The REST API encapsulation is able to dock with HTML5 data visualization plug-in.

Experience the Efficient and Convenient Big Data Technology Migration-free

The underlying storage technology of big data interactive platform can automatically synchronize Oracle data to distributed storage, breaking the write performance of Hadoop, Hive, and other products, the data latency is within one second.

Able to conduct direct Oracle search and statistical analysis, with ten-billion data calculation per second.

Data Visualization Archive

Offer premium data visualization samples of each industry. Its HTML5+ responsive framework provides cross-platform and cross-screen support, which can be directly connected to the back-end data via simple configuration and replace good creatives for your own space.

Beyond the traditional business graphics, embark on the first step of big data application.