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Every action, every ad impression is a set of tags
Merge massive tags, use programmatic buying to maximize advertising value

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Use data to improve your performance

Performance improvement = Data segmentation

Data optimization for mobile ads

App Info: APP ID, APP Name, Category, Rankings, Context...

Audience: User ID, Age, Gender, Real-time interest, previous interest...

Creative: Creative ID, Size, Ad type, Dynamic Creative...

Each combination will affect the ad tag. AdTiming will programmatically find the relationship between them, and automatically optimize it

Seize every mobile marketing opportunity

Moderate ads frequency: people will be bored with silly & frequent ads

Explore the scenario: people are in different scenario at work or entertainment

Network Monitoring: Wifi and mobile network play inconsistent role making ads impression;

Conversion window: each conversion scenario has the best timing to match ads

Big data integration platform

Connect all data sources, internal and external network data hybrid computing, connecting to multiple big data clusters, such as Hive, HBase, MongoDB, etc. Enable hybrid computing across these clusters without ETL.

Even with stricter requirement for network security and data privacy, internal network data without external memory could be calculated together with external network data.

Full traffic coverage

200+ Countries and Regions

10 Billion+ daily traffic coverage

250 Million+ daily data update

20,000+ audience tags

Cooperative Partner

Cooperative Partner

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