We analyze vast amounts of data and creatives, allocate the best possible Ad Display Timing

AdTiming is a globally established and pioneering mobile marketing platform.
We leverage on our result-proven algorithm to accurately place each ad to maximize value

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Data-driven algorithm

It keeps getting better; as we gather and process more data input

Data sample inputs

Platform: App ID, App Name, Category, Rankings, Reviews, etc.

User: User ID, Age, Gender, Historic preference, Current preferences, etc.

Creative: Ad type and form, etc.

Our definition of optimal ad placement

Frequency: To be reasonable in frequency to ensure positive exposure.

Personal: To display to the right audience to achieve highest value.

Network: To select the appropriate form of ad based on connectivity.

Result: To produce the highest conversion rate possible.

Big Data Platform

AdTiming big data platform links to all data sources and calculate both internal and external network data which connects to a number of large data clusters, such as Hive, HBase, MongoDB. The platform is able to conduct hybrid computing across these clusters without ETL.

Even for network security and data privacy level, the internal network data can be calculated together with external network even without external memory.

Our data source

More than 200 countries and territories.

More than 10 billion daily user activity.

More than 250 million daily updates.

More than 20 thousand user group tags.


Cooperative Partner

We offer free data analysis and ad placements during the testing stage

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