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Creative Timing

Innovative Ad Format

Mobile Phone


The ingenious, open-sourced live-chat style video ad tool. It fetches comments from the App store automatically. Enabling game type ads to be more interactive and attractive.

Rewarded Video

Perfectly match ad and app scenarios to maximize user experience. This creative ad format will boost both IAP and IAA.

Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone


Eye-catching ad format available with pictures and videos. Leverage on native ad design to improve ad performance.

Tailored Monetization Solutions

Tailored Monetization Solutions

Support API & SDK.

Waterfall optimization and technical consultation.

Light, stable and powerful.

Value-added service. Create a comprehensive ad-cycle from user acquisition to ad monetization.

Tailored Monetization

Transparent operations

Transparent Operations

One-click data report.

Real-time data update.

Ensure data security, visibility and accuracy.

Manage mediation platform with efficiency.

Real-Time Reports

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