Open Mediation

Quick Set up Powerful Mediation Platform of your own

Fully Open

Safe and Transparent

Enjoy full autonomy and private data


Offer complete end-to-end solutions accessing full functions, all platforms and capacities


Open source server and SDK ensuring fair and transparent


Distributed Deployment and big data infrastructure based on cloud computing platform


Learning spirit motivating constant-upgrading platform and capacities

Brand Customization

Customized VI of your own brand style

Advanced Technology

Safe and Transparent, enjoy full autonomy and private data

Brand New Ad Inventory Technology

The fastest loading and over 99% fill rate

Waterfall Automatic Optimization

Real-time optimization based on historical data for maximized revenue

Header Bidding

Unified standard interface and real-time bidding scales higher revenue and more accurate data

Profession and Handy

Humanized interactive design

based on leading product design system

creating efficient and joyful experience

Focus on your business

Immersive openration atomosphere

free from any interfaces of

irrelevant information

Multidimensional report

intuitive data panel presenting

real-time data of rich dimensions

Quick Set-up


Easy deployment in any container environment with
pre-built container images

Public Cloud Deployment

Take advantage of world's leading public clouds'
container services such as Amazon ECS/EKS

Data Analysis

Generate valuable insight reports from massive data
with data analytics tools such as Amazon Athena/