Precise Orientation & Efficient Return

Precise Orientation &
Efficient Return

AdTiming provides industry-leading retargeting services to you

AdTiming provides industry-leading
retargeting services to you

What can you earn from AdTiming ?

What can you earn
from AdTiming ?



Retention rate


In-product interaction


Dynamic Creative Ads &
Bring Back Users Accurately

Encourage users to re-engage in the products with sophisticated dynamic creative ads which target performance to maximize your revenue.

Marketing Customization &
LTV Full Cycle Coverage

From the beginning of user acquisition to the whole cycle of user journey in the products, matching the stage characteristics of different users through diversified marketing activities. Improving the value of users' LTV fully by reaching users at the appropriate stage.

AI Deep Learning &
User Retention Improvement

Build AI deep learning technology guided by the final effect. And optimize user advertising experience by tracking dynamical data indicators. Aim to reduce marketing costs, and increase user retention to 55%.

Reach Global Devices &
Cover Global Users

Whether you want to do retargeting for the web or app, AdTiming redirected advertising reaches all kinds of media around the world and makes full use of various channels, such as smartphones, tablets, web and smart TV to help you find users.

Fully Respect
User’s Privacy

Respecting user privacy is the basic principle of AdTiming's marketing. AdTiming Complies with the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework that IOS users have the right to decide to let the APP process personal data or not.

7/24h All-Day Data Tracking
& Detailed Analysis

AdTiming 24h real-time campaign data, splits the data dimension into fine enough granularity, and provides comprehensive analysis reports to help you efficiently understand the effect of advertising activities.

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