Cases in the financial industry

How to find new traffic opportunities in the established stock market and accurately reach target customers? Through rich media resources and machine learning, AdTiming carries out precise analysis and product marketing for users, realizes the transformation of existing customers to different fintech products, and improves customer loyalty, product ROI and brand awareness.

AdTiming retargeting solution

In-depth research on different users

For new users, analyze users' psychology by analyzing users' journey; For mature users, understand user consumption and push financial products of the same level or higher.

Multi-platform and multi-channel push

AdTiming tracks the market in real-time, pushes relevant information of the financial industry to users in combination with different forms of marketing content, and improves the conversion rate of corresponding financial products.

Maximize the value of the trial fund

Cooperate with advertisers' trail fund to speed up the in-depth transformation of users, promote users' recommended financial products, and promote the re-conversion of new users.

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